Last night, I was pleased to present a talk at the San Francisco Vegetarian Society’s Vegan Wellness Dinner.  I was connected with the group through the Yes Proposition 37–California Right to Know, Label Genetically Engineered Foods campaign.

I spoke on the nuts and bolts of the genetic engineering technology, and some of the numerous problems that make the results of modifying genes so unpredictable, sometimes not doing at all what the Genetic Engineers desired their GE crop to do, other times producing unanticipated and undesired (sometimes clearly harmful) effects.

The people at the dinner were very friendly, and received me and my talk very well.  They seemed to learn things they did not know, and were very appreciative.  I was very glad to meet all of them, and to chalk up an early success in speaking on GMO’s (genetically modified organisms).

I was very nervous before I arrived at the talk, wondering whether I was up to the task of bringing the audience new information, where they had recently had some other events on the topic of GMO’s.

But this is a topic almost everybody cares about, or would care about, if they are given the information to allow them to realize the true nature of these unnaturally altered  life forms which are used as, or used to make, many of the ingredients in food,  And to realize just how many foods are affected, how widespread this is.

If you are concerned about GMO’s in our food supply, I would encourage you to speak about it to family, friends, co-workers– anyone who will listen to you, even for half a minute or less, if that’s all you’ve got with them, say walking someone out to their car, or bumping into them in an elevator.  It is the best way to raise public awareness, and you will probably find it is much easier than you might think.

. I have my own reasons for being concerned, and I’ll bet many of you have yours.  There’s a lot you can say, but you only have to say a little to make someone think.  This means a lot right now, if you get the opportunity to talk (or write or text) to voters in California before the November election.  Many people know very  little about GMO’s and if you can get across even just that you personally are concerned, you may be able to give that person the gift of awareness that there is a problem with Genetically Engineered foods not being labeled in the U.S., so they may want to learn more,

So, I urge all of you who vote in California to VOTE YES on 37, and, wherever you live, I encourage you to do what you can to spread the word to the next person who wants the Right to Know what’s in their food honored with the simple tool of labels.

To learn more about what else you can do to help the cause of Labeling GMO’s, please visit:


4 thoughts on “Speak to anyone who will listen

  1. Well done, and well stated. Hats off to you! I also had jitters and concerns when I was to give a talk on GMOs. But, once we open our mouths concerning something of such global and immediate importance, the nerves go away, and the importance of the matter takes over. 🙂

    • Well, thank you, Blair.
      I don’t know that the nerves went away immediately and completely for me, but I think you’re right.
      It is so important, I did more or less forget my fear for the most part, being completely immersed in the important work of getting out the word and increasing people’s understanding.

  2. Being well-informed and passionate about your subject makes public speaking much easier. Repetition also helps, so I’d encourage you to seek out more opportunities to speak about GMOs. Thanks for your efforts!

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