The plot thickens.

In Jeffrey Smith’s first book, Seeds of Deception, Chapter 7, “Rolling the Dice with Allergies”, we get the story of how genetically engineered Star Link Corn accidentally makes it into the food supply, shocking the even the government and the company that created it– not to mention surprising the unsuspecting eaters of it by sending them into anaphylactic shock and the hospital.

Very interesting to learn how the government and the producing company respond (and don’t respond) to this crisis.

Seeds of Deception is a book that is full of suspense and surprises, just like the process of genetic engineering itself. Stories and facts that matters to our health and safety. Even Chapter 1 is enough to give you that idea, but I am amazed as I go through the book, how many nooks and crannies of surprise can be wound up in this human interference with natural DNA molecules, especially when people are unknowingly eating them and their products.

A very important book. Check it out:



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