I guess we all thought, especially in this day and age, that we might never find a newspaper with a spine.

Many major California newspapers have run editorials that might as well be bought and paid for arguments for the opposition to Prop 37.  And the opposition, who is spending in excess of $1 million/day to buy the California vote, wasted no time in capitalizing on that fact in a radio ad that left me stunned about the nerve they had in underlining the point of how all these papers would agree, acting as the agreement was proof positive that their oft-repeated lies were true because they got so many newspapers to repeat them.

The opposition consists of companies (led by Monsanto) making money from Genetically Engineered Foods and the pesticides that are being used on them in obscenely large amounts never required or used on their natural counterparts.  They have excelled for many years at getting all kinds of people at all levels of government and industry to believe and repeat their lies.

Even well before this election campaign, their whole success and profit has been based on lies, secrecy, and deception, including their denial of legitimate, serious health and safety concerns about genetically engineered foods, which have time and time again been linked to harm to human and animal health.

But, thanks to the blog just out from the California Right to Know, Yes on 37 Campaign, which highlights 10 California Newspapers that could not be bought,.  These papers have all run editorials with honest, accurate assessments of Prop 37 as the well designed, simple law it is,

I now know there is hope for these ephemeral, so often flimsy publications we call newspapers.

Please read, and be encouraged.  Share this information with others, especially other California voters, or people who can reach them.

The reach of the opposition’s expensive lies is long, but let’s show the world that the truth the people of California are telling can have an even longer, more powerful reach.



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