Please read the excellent and important article, linked to, below.  Especially if you or someone you know is undecided about whether to VOTE YES on  Proposition 37–CALIFORNIA RIGHT TO KNOW–Label Genetically Engineered Foods

The opposition claims these foods (their products) are safe, and the $1 million a day they are spending on their anti-labeling campaign has a lot of people believing and repeating their arguments.

I know the OPPOSITION to Prop 37 is LYING a lot.  On TV, to newspapers, who have taken whole paragraphs out of their campaign literature and repeated them in their editorials, in the Official Voter Information Guide, and elsewhere.

You may or may not agree with me. But just suppose, that even where they are not lying, they might just be WRONG?

They’ve been wrong before. Many times.  (See the book Seeds of Deception at http://seedsofdeception.com/books/seeds-of-deception/, reviewed in another article on this YES on 37 site, or see the movie, Genetic Roulette, on line for free until Nov. 6, 2012– Election Day at http://geneticroulettemovie.com/).

Does eating Genetically Engineered Foods hurt people?
They really haven’t studied that question. They don’t plan to. Without labels for GE Foods, how can we ever know?



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