The independent study covered in this video was done very recently in France, and was the first to follow rats fed genetically modified food (corn, in this case), and/or the pesticide Roundup for a full 2 years, the lifetime of the rats.

No prior study has been this large (200 rats), comprehensive, run nearly as long, or being so carefully designed and controlled.to separate out the effects of eating genetically engineered Roundup Ready Corn itself from the effects of eating the Roundup pesticide that is is normally sprayed in huge quantities and would therefore be laced throughout the corn when it is eaten.

An increase in deaths and cancerous tumors was shown both in the rats fed the GM corn alone and in the ones fed the Roundup alone, as well as in the group fed the corn sprayed with the Roundup.compared with the control group.

This kind of corn is being sold with no labels in the United States or Canada to indicate it is genetically engineered, and is also being exported to Europe, where it may sneak into the food supply their unlabeled, although many countries in Europe, including the whole European Union, DO have laws requiring labeling.

It underlines serious questions about the safety of these kind of crops.

VOTE YES on 37–California Right to Know, Label Genetically Engineered Foods, tell all your California friends and loved ones to do so, if they want to be able to know what is in the food they eat and feed their families.

And please SHARE this video (13 minutes)

In French and English:


With Spanish Subtitles


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