Some of these articles are older, but still of interest.  I came across them today.

1. According to this article, U.S. Senator Jon Tester of Montana is the only working farmer in the Senate.  He repsonds here to the passage of the Monsanto Protection Act as a rider to a Continuing Resolution Appropriations bill:

2. A perspective by Dr. Joseph Mercola on  the Proposition 37– California Right to Know– Label Genetically Engineered Food Campaign fell short of success in the November election:

3. The next article has some interesting background on how the Monsanto Protection Act was sneaked into law.

I was not aware that this bill was a continuing resolution.

I have seen this happen before, though, that some totally new thing is put into a continuing resolution. (and specifically that that thing benefits the biotech industry and hurts just about everyone else).

Bad enough, if you asked me, anyway, that any law completely separate from the main point of a bill in Congress can be attached to it, but when it’s supposed to be routine business?

Something is wrong with the rules, when they allow this.

4. CA Right to Know is still going, and will try again next year:

5. Whole Foods and several other top grocery chains pledge NOT to sell GMO Seafood.  Features a link in the text where you can ask more grocery stores also to take the pledge:


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