This clarifies a question that’s been in the back of my mind for a while.

Some crops are genetically engineered to manufacture pesticides in every cell of the plant (and yes, some of these are food crops that humans eat).

Biotech claims this is good for the environment, since theoretically it requires few applications of pesticides to grow the crops.

But, with the advent of Genetically Engineered crops, we have seen HUGE INCREASES in pesticide use, not decreases.

I always wondered whether that wasn’t because maybe more crops might be engineered to withstand huge dowsings with pesticides (e.g. Roundup Ready crops), than the ones that manufacture their own internal pesticides (eg Bt crops.  But it seems to be that even the ones that make their own pesticides are needing more and more pesticides APPLiED in addition to the ones the plant makes itself.

The lies of Monsanto and their biotech and chemical cohorts run many layers deep.  Difficult to unearth them all. . .

This is a tough-to-read article, which is why I’ve tried to digest it for you in this long intro, but here it is, if you want a look at it, or the site it comes from.



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