DO YOU WANT GMO’s (Genetically Engineered Foods) LABELED?

If so, here’s some ways to TAKE ACTION! :~) (in any order you like)

1.  Please SIGN the petition, at the link below.
No matter what state you live in, you can ask Gov. Malloy and Speaker Sharkey to lead the way for the nation, by backing a GMO Labeling Law that will truly let consumers know what is in their food.  NOW.  Not after a whole bunch of other states also decide to do it.

2.  I’d love it if you could also CALL. :~)
I just did!
A.) Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Molloy at (860) 566-4840 and
B)  Speaker Brendan Sharkey at (860) 240-8500

These guys have been seen to react under the pressure of the flood of calls they have been getting, so every single call helps make them more likely to get the message, even if you don’t get through.

Demand that an effective GMO labeling bill be passed in Connecticut.
They have put in amendments that would render the current bill meaningless, if passed with those amendments intact.

If you make a call or calls, please say something like this:

“Governor Malloy (or Speaker Sharkey) – I am from [state], a member of the Coalition of states for GMO labeling.  We are asking that you please pass a GMO labeling bill in CT that truly gives consumers the transparency in our food that we are looking for.  Your amendments to HB 6527 are unacceptable.  The entire country is watching CT right now.”

3. You can also grab their attention by making a COMMENT on their Facebook pages.  (This issue does not appear anywhere near the top of their pages, to just make a COMMENT under any of their posts”
Gov. Dannel P. Molloy:  https://www.facebook.com/GovMalloyOffice?fref=ts
Speaker Brendan Sharkey:  https://www.facebook.com/Sharkey.Brendan?fref=ts

4.  SHARE this link, or the whole post!



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