The next March Against Monsanto referred to in the flyer below, is a real event, planned for October 12, 2013.  Millions of people worldwide are likely to march again, as also happened in the one last May,

But the flyer itself looks more like a vintage advertisement than a current publicity flyer.

It is so different from today’s style, and so ironic, you might not think it’s for real, in the message it tries to convey, with the cheerful graphic laid over the sinister image and alarming claims.

But the message is honest, and the effect disturbingly similar to ads originally published not by today’s protesters, but by a company trying to sell chemicals, including DDT, which was manufactured at the time by Monsanto, among other companies.

Here’s the 2013 flyer for the protest march:

:MARCH AGAINST MONSANTO POSTER FACEBOOK 563323_566481880076929_1049248305_n

And a real vintage ad, below, which appeared in Time Magazine on June 30, 1947.

(note:  DDT was sold by Monsanto at the time, and was later found to be highly toxic.  DDT was subsequently banned for agricultural use worldwide under the Stockholm Convention, … as of 2008 only 12 countries used DDT,


I found the images above at the links below:




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