This is a very good video.  Two-plus minutes.

They say very seriously (no apparent humor intended) that no one would have expected this.

But, it actually only follows from the way genetic adaptation and natural selection operate.

Living things that can’t survive in a given environment do not survive to reproduce.  The few that do, reproduce, and their offspring multiply over generations, tending to spread widely the weeds that can resist pesticides, even though these weeds might have originally been only a tiny percentage of their species in that environment. This has been understood for a very long time.

And more recently, the effect has been observed to happen very fast, as detailed in a study which became the subject of a very readable book, The Beak of the Finch by Jonathan Weiner.(1994).

So, if the emergence of superweeds surprised anybody, it must be because they somehow thought their brilliant chemical inventions (pesticides) and manipulations of the code of life (genes in DNA) were above the laws of biology.

There is no throwing a proverbial wrench (genetically modified plant, in this case) into the machinery (natural environment), and expecting nature not to respond as she normally does.


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