These charts have been making their rounds for a while. Important stuff to know.

Who is in control of the food supply.

All the way down to the quality (or lack thereof) of the seed used to grow the food which is sold to humans to eat, and to farmers to plant and grow the food that is sold for human consumption, as well as to feed the livestock that humans also eat. This chart shows who owns the most of the seed. Anyone wishing to avoid using genetically engineered seed needs to take great care to do so.

This first chart shows the few giant chemical companies which own most of the seed available on the market, many of which they actually have patents on.

This second chart shows  the unfortunate overlap between the government and the chemical/biotech giant Monsanto, which makes chemicals and genetically engineers food to withstand huge amounts of those chemicals. Key decision makers in the federal government and at Monsanto turn out to be, in a small but incomplete sampling— VOILA!!– the same exact individual people, sometimes in multiple turns of the revolving door taking them back and forth between Monsanto Corp and the US Federal government!


The other chart beyond the one pictured with this link shows the unfortunate corporate conglomerate ownership of many organic food companies, brands and products.


Many of these companies have given lots of money to buy lots of lies to persuade people to vote against having complete information about their food, especially whether it’s been genetically engineered.  Last year in California, this year in the state of Washington, and in many other places in the US where the public is rallying and laws are being proposed to get this novel and risky food labeled, as it is in more than 60 other countries around the world.


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