Since the 1950’s they have advertised in such a way as to try to make you hungry for their product just at the sight or sound of their brand name.
Well, in 2014, it does not seem like a name or a brand people have much reason to trust, even if they may have used the product over a very long time. The world and the food are fundamentally different that they used to be before the mid-90s, when genetically engineered food went on the market.Whatever anyone ever thought or felt about any major brand name before that time might well be re-examined, because the current products are very different from the ones sold under the same labels today.

What’s happening now, according to GMO Inside:

“Smucker’s is no food champion; while using GMO ingredients in its ‘family-friendly’ products, the company has spent thousands of dollars against GMO labeling efforts over the past two years. Comments under page posts are still active, tell them to remove GMOs here: https://www.facebook.com/smuckers Posting on the page is still disabled .”More here: http://althealthworks.com/1775/smuckers-disables-facebook-wall-comments-after-onslaught-of-anti-gmo-comments #GMOs #Smuckers #Food

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