ACCOUNTABILITY is a big buzzword these days.

Interesting it does not seem to be too well known in the US Government bureaucracy, especially  in the agencies that you would think would oversee GENETICALLY ENGINEERED foods.

All those organizations hiding behind funny letters. . .FDA, USDA, EPA.
If you know that those are the Food and Drug Administration, the United States Department of Agriculture, and the Environmental Protection Agency, you probably think they’re looking out for us and our land.

BUT if you read this long article carefully, you may see that FDA, USDA and EPA seem to instead be playing a hot potato-like game of, “It’s not my job, man!”

In this case, they happen to be talking about testing whether GENETICALLY ENGINEERED foods, crops and products should be in the field and the marketplace.

Well, along comes Senator Jon Tester to activate a government agency with Accountability for its middle name– the Government ACCOUNTABILITY Office, which responds now by telling FDA, USDA and EPA, in essence:

According to the laws on the books, it IS your job!

We shall see what comes of that.

It might be a while.  Reading this article (though long) is going to take FAR less time than the wait:


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