Yes, it’s close in Oregon, in the race to decide the fate of Measure 92 to Label Genetically Engineered Food.

That much has been clear for a while.

The news here (at the link, below) is that FOX 12 political analyst TIm Hibbit is now saying there will surely be a recount.  (Previously, he was projecting that Measure 92 would lose).  Encouraging to here he’s actually having to flip his position on this.

Another thing that leapt out at me in this article was a little bit of wording near the end, perhaps appearing to some as a simple statement of fact, but which looks to me like a bias in favor of the opposition to Measure 92.

I thought,
“WHAT?!– Opponents “believe” the “added cost” would be passed on to consumers?!”

I seriously doubt any of the opponents really believes labeling would add costs. This may be what they claim, but I doubt they actually believe it.

If you trump up and pay for a study to prove something, as they have done, you know quite well it is NOT true– you’re simply looking for evidence to persuade people of your lies.

Nowhere in the 64 countries where genetically engineered food (GMOs) are already labeled have costs to consumers gone up.

They won’t in the US either, once we finally get labeling.



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