Dear Readers,

Please join me and TAKE ACTION.

Monsanto’s herbicide Roundup used on genetically engineered Roundup Ready corn and soybeans in copious amounts is killing monarch butterflies.

Sign this petition right away, by midnight March 2, 2015, if you can.

“Monarchs are the canaries in the mine of our ecosystems.

A threat to them is more than a threat to our pleasure in seeing them. When they start to die, it means something is wrong with our environment on a fundamental level, and which is harming plants, animals and other life, though we are currently surviving it well enough not to take much note.

Protect the Monarchs. They play a special role due to their unique nature and way of traveling and moving to a wide variety of plants over their large range.”
(This quote is my comment added to the petition letter).

Sources beyond the text of the petition letter:

This is such late notice because this petition came to my attention at this last minute time, but if you can sign it by midnight tonight (guessing EST for Washington DC time, but it might be worth trying anyway from before midnight March 2 in other time zones), please join me in doing so.



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