Dear Readers,

Here’s some IMPORTANT NEWS and a chance to TAKE ACTION for a safer food supply and environment.

More evidence has come out this week, showing HEALTH PROBLEMS caused or aggravated by glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto’s herbicide ROUNDUP, used in irresponsibly high amounts on GENETICALLY ENGINEERED crops, which make up a very significant percentage of our food supply.

ROUNDUP is also everywhere, in high concentrations in our WATER and AIR.

Moms Across America is an excellent organization working for public health and children’s health. I have had the privilege of joining them on one of their 4th of July Marches to LABEL GENETICALLY ENGINEERED FOODS (GMOs).

For more info on what the trouble with glyphosate/ROUNDUP is, and for various ways you can TAKE ACTION, please see this blog article by Moms Across America leader, Zen Honeycutt, and SHARE:



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