Maybe, maybe not. . .

But it looks like it might be better to do that, than to take the reputed goodness of Quaker for granted.

Their product line includes many multi-ingredient products, including sugar, which is extremely likely to be genetically modified, since almost all sugar now comes in whole or in part from GMO sugar beets.

I invite you to join me and TAKE ACTION, by signing this petition letter.

Ask Pepsi (and their brand Quaker) to let you KNOW on the LABEL what’s in the food you buy to eat and to feed your family, specifically whether any of it has been genetically engineered.

Producers apparently need to get the message loud and clear from as many people as possible.

Two decades of polls have shown that consumers want LABELing of genetically engineered food. Many people don’t want to eat it at all, because of the health risks it’s been linked to.

Producers may just stop making them, when enough people speak loud enough, rather than put on those LABELS.

“To pressure PepsiCo to come out in favor of mandatory federal labeling and stop funding the opposition. UBER important to pressure them with their most trusted brand for moms, Quaker.”
~ Leah Segedie
Health Advocate and Blogger Mom


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