I was very encouraged to see the people sticking it out for hours on a cold, gray day in Oakland, CA in a rally to call for much needed changes in our society in the US and worldwide.

The sight and sounds of the rally renewed my hope for change, as I was present to see people speaking out AGAIN (for the third year in a row), as part of a worldwide MARCH AGAINST MONSANTO 2015.

Tens of thousands of people In 400 CITIES yesterday!

To me, that’s NEWSWORTHY– coordinated group protest across the planet, sustained 3 years in a row and counting.

WHAT THEY ARE PROTESTING IS the serious harm that the giant agro-chemical and biotechnology corporation MONSANTO, has done and contines to do to our food supply and our environment.

Some of their most powerful tools for doing this are their genetically engineered crops, FOOD, and ingredients in vaccines, medications, and supplements. Also known as GMOs, which are sold daily WITHOUT identifying LABELS to millions of unsuspecting consumers and businesses.

Extremely newsworthy to me. And especially timely at this point, after the RECENT WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION study has added even further weight to the already significant body of evidence about Monsanto’s herbicide Roundup as a likely factor in causing SERIOUS HEALTH PROBLEMS, including cancer.

But, there’s not much to be found about the 2015 MARCH AGAINST MONSANTO in the US mainstream news, if my various Google searches are yielding a full picture.

The only major news outlet I was able to find that mentioned any of the numerous Marches yesterday in the San Francisco Bay Area, sfgate.com, gave a very brief report, which gave a relatively big share of space to Monsanto’s lying and deceptive denials.

Here are two reports about the worldwide marches from European sources:
1. The Guardian (UK):

2. RT News (Moscow), from which I excerpted the following material, below:

A wave of marches against Monsanto and GMO food hit the United States. Among the cities to join the protests were New York; Washington, DC; Los Angeles; San Francisco; Chicago; Indianapolis; Portland, Oregon; Oakland, California and dozens of others. Activists decried Monsanto’s control of 90 percent of the US seed market.

Hundreds of protesters marched on the White House and Monsanto’s Washington, DC headquarters as part of the anti-GMO action. People in New York also seized the opportunity to voice their concerns.

Chicago protesters have marched against Monsanto and GMO food, blocking off traffic in several streets.

“Monsanto is the reason why GMOs are in most of our food and we are one of the countries that haven’t banned them. It is a really big deal and people need to speak out in order to make a change,” a protester from New York told RT.

One of the central issues in the US is the battle over labeling GMO products. “Our biggest concern is that they are not labeling to begin with,” another activist stressed.

America’s northern neighbor also showed its opposition to the agriculture giant. Toronto, Canada’s most populated city, was the center of action. Hundreds of people began their rally at Queens Park and marched through the city’s streets with banners saying: “Ban GMOs.”

“People are here to take back control of the food system,” activist Jodi Koberinski told CBC. “We want government to hold these corporations responsible for the damage they are creating.”

Demonstrators from the city of Kelowna in British Columbia, Canada, shouted: “Hey hey, ho ho, GMOs have got to go!” Protesters in London, Ontario, Canada shouted they want “Real food” – and that they want it “now!” Ontario beekeepers have also symbolically dumped a coffin full of dead honey bees, which they gathered from farms across the province, CBC News reported.

Both the Hawaii and the Caribbean were protesting Monsanto’s power, with Hawaiian activists demanding “GMO-free” islands and Puerto Ricans marching along to music with signs saying “No more venom.”

South America has seen powerful anti-GMO protests with some striking imagery on placards carried by demonstrators. Many protesters chose to stress they believe Monsanto’s pesticides and genetically modified products have been causing neurological diseases and cancer.

Protesters in Brazil dressed up in gas masks and white uniform, carrying anti-Monsanto signs seemingly covered in blood. In Buenos Aires, Argentina, Guy Fawkes masks and placards against the biotech behemoth mixed with demands for green and real food.

The first annual March Against Monsanto was held in 2013. It saw over two million protesters from around the globe taking to the streets to demonstrate.

Monsanto was founded in 1901 and originally produced food additives. In over a century, it has become the world leader in the production of genetically engineered seeds and chemical herbicides. It currently employs over 22,000 people in factories across 61 countries.
.Source: http://rt.com/news/261573-monsanto-global-protests-gmo/


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