Aha Light BulbMy latest “Aha!” about genetic engineering is that I’m going to have to keep getting deeper in my knowledge to help steer us out of trouble.

Why? Because the genetic experimentation currently being done keeps getting us deeper into trouble (even while its proponents are pretending to do the opposite, as they usually do).

People seem very interested in PROTEIN these days.

What happens, when a protein gets DAMAGED?

According to former pro-GMO scientist Thierry Vrain, genetically engineered proteins are damaged, and do not function they way they should.

Protein damage can also occur naturally, but now, it seems the genetic engineers have taken their protein damage practices to a new level, with unpredictable results.

Researchers at Yale University have found a way to damage natural AMINO ACIDS (the building blocks of protein) into new lab-generated forms, claiming this will be make their current uncontrollable field experiments safe, when in fact, applying this knowledge in the field would entail all kinds of new risks to human health and the environment.

I saw that someone on a group Facebook page had raised the question of whether the damaged proteins caused by GMOs were what prions were.

Not knowing the word “prion”, I looked it up on Wikipedia, and it seems there are numerous hypotheses about what causes them. (You can scroll down to the genetic factors and following Debate items to read about these, In the linked-to article below,):

Also, looking at a second article by Jeffrey Smith (see link below) of the Institute for Responsible Technology, I see that there does indeed seem to be cause for concern that prions could possibly result from genetic engineering processes generally.

The article discusses the experience of a scientist hired by Monsanto who came to learn that their plans were very irresponsible and could result in creating the sort of damage that causes mad cow disease (and this was back in 1996, well before this latest news about the production of amino acids not found in nature).

Taking the genetic engineering techniques into the realm of creating new amino acids means taking the level human interference deeper into the molecular structure of life, to a more fundamental level in genetic chemistry, which could well prove even more fundamentally disruptive than other kinds of genetic engineering.



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