Succinct. Clear. Important.

Barbara Lee urges her colleagues in the House to oppose HR 1599, which would prohibit states from enacting mandatory labeling of genetically engineered food, or regulations restricting the growth of these dangerous experimental foods in open fields.

Unfortunately, the bill passed in the House anyway.

That puts the ball into the court of the Senate.

If it passes the Senate, it goes into President Obama’s court, in which case he has the power to veto it.

Which means, RIGHT NOW, the ball is also back in OUR court, as citizens of the United States.

do you value:

1. Your right to know what’s in your food?
2. Your right to have an environment free of unprecedented levels of toxic pesticides and dangerous experimental crops?

3. The right of you and your state to make laws to ensure your best interests? f

If you can answer YES to even one of these questions, this is the time for you to TAKE ACTION.

I urge you to view this one minute, 22 second video, to SHARE it, and to ask your Senators and president Obama to oppose the bill, and support federal GMO labeling bill, H.R. 519.

Find your Senators contact info using the “Find your senators” box at the top right of the page, here:

For how to reach Obama, go here:


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