The ABC’s of GMOs.
So many of us DON’T know them.

Unexpected?  Yes– or at least I thought so.  Hummus at its most basic, made the old fashioned way, is made with very few ingredients, none of which is usually genetically engineered.

With packaged foods, many odd, unexpected ingredients tend to sneak in.

One GMO Hummus was produced by a company that started with good intentions, but then was bought out by PepsiCo, a huge conglomerate, and as is typical for huge conglomerates, is a company with not-so-good intentions. (there are plenty of delicious Non-GMO alternatives, so no need to despair, if you like hummus).

To me, “Soybean Oil” and “Citric Acid” spell GENETICALLY ENGINEERED. (for which GMO is the ubiquitous euphemistic acronym). Nearly all soybeans (except organic ones) are genetically engineered. And Citric Acid is very commonly is produced with genetic engineering as well, as are many other food additives.

But, I know that’s not obvious to everyone. Not nearly. The article below will tell you the story of Sabra Hummus, and I am also listing links to a resource that will help you learn the ABC’s of genetically engineered food.


UPDATE STORY (which I am posting in May 19, 2016) — SABRA HUMMUS GOES NON-GMO

To download a free PDF copy of the Non-GMO Shopping Guide, go here:

To order handy printed pocket pamphlets for your shopping reference, or to give to friends help them make informed choices, you can go here:



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