Here’s another interesting article (link below), on the news that 19 out of 28 Countries in the European Union are opting out of growing genetically engineered crops up for approval by the EU.

A new law allows them to do this, as they determine fit for the health and safety of their people and lands.

8 crops are currently up for approval, including the only a renewal for the only currently allowed commercial crop, Monsanto’s MON108 strain of GE corn, which was originally approved in 1998.

So much more is known now about the harm associated with GE crops foods than was known in 1998.

Apparently, there’s something or other the majority of EU countries know in 2015 about that is causing them to want to opt out.

While there are some limited bans on growing GE crops here, none of the 3 major North American countries yet has mandatory labeling of GE foods.



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