Demand it, and then they’ll supply it.
Non-GMO food.
At least, here’s one case of the theory playing out that way.

It was a definite boo-hiss moment, a while back, when I noticed how many hummus brands contained genetically engineered ingredients. I posted an article about GMO Hummus earlier, linking to the story about Sabra being GMO* but, I think it’s only fair to point out that they are far from the only hummus brand in that category.

Hummus is a plant-based food that is quite delicious, normally quite simple, and which can be used as part of a healthy diet. Of course, it’s great when you can make your own, but I find that mixing some convenient prepared food choices into one’s life can help create balance at times.

But it is not too convenient to bear the risks and toxicity of GMOs when buying something quick to eat from a grocery store or a restaurant. As savvy consumers know, some eateries often use purchased, packaged hummus rather than making it in house.

It’s good to see the tipping point of consumer rejection approaching bit by bit, product by product.

Read more about Sabra going Non-GMO here:

Pass the Hummus! Sabra Reveals Non-GMO Offerings

*My previous post about Sabra Hummus being GMO:



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