Welcome to my new blog, Yes On 37– Label GE Foods.  My name is Elaine Danforth, a California voter.

I hope to get out as much information as I can, to as many people as possible, to help you see the advantages of voting YES on PROPOSITION 37– California Right to Know, Label Genetically Engineered Foods.

Polls show that the vast majority of Americans, Californians, and California voters all want Genetically Engineered (GE) Foods labeled.  This initiative is very unusual in that it is a true grassroots effort, begun by a grandmother concerned about the safety of these untested foods, who drove around the state to speak to people and encourage them to petition to get what is now called Proposition 37 on the November ballot.

About 50 other countries already have laws requiring labeling, but there are no labeling laws anywhere in the U.S., although a very large percentage of our food is Genetically Engineered or contains Genetically Engineered ingredients.

Those who oppose this simple ballot initiative are few, but powerful.  It is simply about giving information on labels that would allow people to make more informed food choices.  The opponents of labeling are large corporations, led by Monsanto, a chemical and genetic engineering company.  These are the same companies who told the world that Agent Orange,  PCB’s and DDT were safe before it came out that they were dangerous, and sometimes fatal.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has ignored repeated warnings from its own scientists that safety testing was needed, due to the unpredictable experimental new methods of creating new breeds of food in the laboratory by highly invasive and artificial means, and in light of numerous studies pointing to a variety of health problems linked to eating these foods, in lab animals and in humans.  Still, FDA has continued to approve food GE product after food GE product for sale on the market to consumers.  Many of the decision makers in this government organization have ties to Monsanto, the largest genetically engineered food company.

I am bringing you this information because I want to know whether the food I buy to eat is genetically engineered so that I can choose the best, healthiest ingredients for myself and anyone who eats with me.  And I think you may also want to know.

We have a wonderful opportunity in this election to choose what we want– The Right to Know, Labeling of Genetically Engineered Foods–VOTE  YES on PROPOSITION 37 this fall, and/or tell all your friends voting in California to do so.

This may well be the most important vote you ever cast — ever.  It’s that important.



    • Thank you, Chris.

      Yes, I agree, it only makes sense to give people the things they want to know right on the label, to help them be able to make informed food choices for themselves and their families. Hope you’ll be voting YES on 37 if you’re a California voter, and/or spreading the word to family, friends, etc. who vote in California.

    • Thank you, Timo Garden.

      Yes, I believe it is important for the whole world. The genetically modified organisms do not respect state or national borders, but cross-pollinate and spread, as they will.

      From your blog of the beautiful work you are doing growing vegetables, I can see that it would be especially important to you, to.

      I appreciate your interest in my blog.

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